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Tech Tips

What should I do if I need technical support?
Call 800-828-7980 and ask for Technical Support or e-mail your question to
What should I inspect on my equipment on a daily basis?
To prevent major repairs and keep up with routine maintenance, it is necessary to check your equipment's overall condition by performing a daily visual inspection of the following items:
  • Air Cooling System
  • Gauges
  • Air Filter
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Battery Electrolyte Level
  • Ignition Switch
  • Belts
  • Leaks
  • Choke Control
  • Mower Blades
  • Mower Lift Levers
  • Engine Coolant
  • Power Wash Unit After Use
  • Engine Fuel
  • PTO Switch
  • Engine Oil
  • Safety Interlock
  • Equipment Fasteners
  • Seat Adjustment
  • Excessive Grease Accumulation
  • Throttle Lever
  • Fuel Shut-Off Value
  • Tire Pressure
Are there some common recommended maintenance schedules for my equipment?
Different working conditions may require a different maintenance schedule, so keep in mind that these are only general guidelines for maintenance. Refer to your OEM owner's manual for specific schedules designed for your equipment.

Description Schedule:
  • Air Filter: 50-100 Hours
  • Battery Electrolyte Level: When Low
  • Belts: 250 Hours
  • Engine Coolant: 400 Hours
  • Engine Oil: 100 Hours
  • Equipment Fasteners: When Worn
  • Fuel Filter: 100 Hours
  • Fuel Shut-Off Valve: 400 Hours
  • Grease Unit: 16 Hours
  • Hydraulic Filter: 400 Hours
  • Hydraulic Fluid: 400 Hours
  • Mower Blades: 24 Hours
  • Safety Interlock: When Worn
  • Seat Adjustment: When Worn
  • Spark Plugs: 250 Hours
  • Spindle Bearings: 1000 Hours
What do I need to know about my engine when ordering?
Please have your engine model and type/serial numbers available when ordering. Please verify with your customer service representative that you are ordering the correct replacement engine. If the incorrect engine is ordered it is returned at the purchaser's expense.
What is the difference between an engine short block and a mini block?
A short block contains a crankshaft, pistons, rods, and gasket set. A mini block contains only the pistons, rods, and gasket set.
Where is the carburetor number located on my carburetor?
To identify the proper carburetor, examine the side of the carburetor to locate the carburetor number. The carburetor number is usually two letters followed by two or three numbers (i.e.: WA-80).
How can I get more out of my assemblies?
  • Keep assemblies cool. This prolongs the bearing life by helping the sealed bearings to retain their pre-lube grease.
  • Do not remove the bearing seals. Removing the seals allows contaminated grease into the bearing.
  • Use sealed bearings to stop old grease from entering the bearing.
How do I measure the length of my blades?
Measure your blade's length diagonally from cutting tip to cutting tip. For mulching blades, use the back side of the blade for ease of measurement.
What else do I need to know about my blades?
  • Replace blades when large nick(s) appear or when lift edge is noticeably worn.
  • Sharpen blades with a rotary blade grinder every 10-20 hours or when you see nicks or an eroded cutting edge.
  • Mower blade cutting surface should be maintained in a straight line.
  • Sharpen the beveled edges of the blade.
  • Care should be taken to keep the same angle of the cutting surface.
  • When sharpening, grind enough material to remove any nicks and to sharpen the blade – do not remove more than 3/8” of material from blade, if more than 3/8” of material is removed, the blade should be discarded.
  • Blades should be balanced using a mechanical balancer. Unbalanced blades will cause vibrations leading to premature spindle bearing failure.
What should I do if my clutch needs to be replaced?
Don't worry! You want 'em, we got 'em! Remove your old clutch and find the manufacturer's part number located on the clutch. Replace your Ogura or Warner electric clutch by shopping the clutch section of our catalog, calling 800-828-7980, or faxing 800-422-4184 with your order form. Most clutches can be delivered Next Day for just an additional $23.00!
Does JThomas Parts have any tech tips regarding batteries?
  • Inspect for loose cables
  • Clean terminals
  • Check electrolyte level
  • Disconnect cables and store battery in warm place when not using for long periods
Does JThomas Parts have any tech tips regarding belts?
  • Be certain all power sources are turned off or disconnected before removing or installing any belt.
  • Replace belts when edges are frayed or cracked. Watch for splitting caused by dryness.
  • When checking belts, also check the idler pulley and springs.
Does JThomas Parts have any tech tips regarding changing a hydro pump or motor?
Just replacing the part doesn't always finish the job. To get longer life and better performance from your repairs, repair with care - take the time to make it last! Remember these simple steps to ensure trouble-free replacements of your hydro pump or motor:
  • Be sure to clean the entire fluid system.
  • Pressure and hydraulic return lines must be removed and flushed out with mineral spirits.
  • Flush out the tank.
  • Replace the hydraulic filter with a fresh, new hydraulic filter.
  • When replacing a hydro pump, always replace the corresponding wheel motor as well. Not doing so could cause the new hydro pump to fail due to metal trash in the system.
Does JThomas Parts have any tech tips regarding lubrication?
  • Keeping your equipment well lubricated can reduce your chance of equipment failure due to worn parts because of friction and internal wear.
  • Lubricate equipment every 8 to 10 hours. Lubricate spindles and caster daily. Listen for squealing and watch for sticking of moving parts.
  • Lubricate grease fittings every 50 hours. Mark location with fluorescent paint for easy identification. Refer to the owners’ manual for locations of pivot points, wheel bearings, axle supports.
  • High temp grease is a must for spindle bearings. Greasing the spindle assembly provides necessary lubrication to components. More importantly, it diffuses the heat generated at the assemblies, which keeps it cooler and prevents premature wear.
  • Always mix two cycle oil to recommended ratio by equipment manufacturer or use Intermix® multi-ratio.
  • Check the manufacturers suggested oil viscosity and always use an automotive high grade motor oil to extend engine life.
Does JThomas Parts have any tech tips regarding mower decks?
  • Keep the underside of your deck clean. Use a deck cleaning tool to scrap out all the grass clippings. Spraying your deck underside afterwards with a lubricant like Fluid Film®(JT-2500) can help keep the grass from sticking.
  • Keep your deck level by using our deck level gauge. Be sure your deck is on a level surface and adust your deck so that the blade tip on each side measures the same height. Various adjustments may be necessary to correctly level the mower deck. Operators should consult their owners’ manual for specific instructions to correctly adjust the deck.
  • For long term storage, drain all fuel or use fuel stabilizer, like Sta-bil®. Be sure to run equipment with fuel stabilizer for a few minutes to be sure stabilized fuel is in the engine.
  • Replace deck wheels and rollers when worn.
Does JThomas Parts have any tech tips regarding storage?
  • Shut off fuel valve.
  • Do not store unit inside with fuel in the fuel tank with ignition sources present.
  • For long term storage, drain all fuel or use fuel stabilizer, like Sta-bil®. Be sure to run equipment with fuel stabilizer for a few minutes to be sure stabilized fuel is in the engine.
  • Clean equipment and spray metal parts with rust preventive spray, like Fluid Film®(JT-2500).
  • Disconnect battery cables and store battery in a warm, dry area.
Does JThomas Parts have any tech tips regarding tires?
  • Check air pressure frequently for proper inflation.
  • Carry a can of tire sealant for emergencies.
  • Use caution when strapping equipment down on trailers – too much downward pressure can cause sidewall damage.
  • Replace used tires in sets. If replacing only one tire, be sure the tire brand is the same. Different tire OEMs can have slightly different heights for the same size tires.
  • Disconnect battery cables and store battery in a warm, dry area.
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